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Tears in Heaven
  She sits in the rain letting the once annoying rain cover her and the rusty fire escape under her rough body. When she would once hide from the same rain she felt trickle down her cheek, for fear of damaging her hair, she know let absorb her numbness. Her once heavy and shielding eyeliner now runs down her face, not from tears but from rain. She doesn't cry. She hasn't cried since...since..yeah. She doesn't cry. She's numb to the world and it shows in her actions. Her shape, dark eyes are emotionless, as they always are. Even with a smile her eyes don't change. So cold and unchanging.
  She should be standing guard for any of the undead. The biters. The ones who forced her into a group of the oddest people she's ever meet. They recently found a new one. A young one, about her age. Neil, he said was his name. Dark brown hair with a fading purple streak in the front. It tries to sheild his eyes but fails and only illuminates the shape and aggresively purple tint to
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Welcome to the Dark by LeeGaaFangirl Welcome to the Dark :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 3 0 Carnival by LeeGaaFangirl Carnival :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 2 23 Pink by LeeGaaFangirl Pink :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 1 1 Take a Seat by LeeGaaFangirl Take a Seat :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 1 2 Caramel by LeeGaaFangirl Caramel :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 0 0 City of Lights by LeeGaaFangirl City of Lights :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 0 0
Beethoven's Last Words
So I just came upon something that literally made me gasp and have to pause said video I heard it from. I gasped and sat back and folded my hands over my chest and sank in what I heard. I heard (from a vlogbrothers video) Beethoven's last words.
'Friends, applaud; the comedy is over.'
And it got me thinking. Like seriously thinking. I thought of Beethoven, old and dying in a bed, looking upon his friends and smiling. And as he spoke those words, his last breath fell and broke on the floor. The heavy silence that of which could not be plugged up by his music. Then I thought aobut what he meant.
'Applaude, freiends; the comedy is over.'
He's saying how life is nothing more than a play almost. And not even a serious play. A comedy. Some people might think 'Ooh he's just saaying that cuz he was a fun guy and life is sooo much more serious than that.' Then I think of an Oscar Wilde quote.
'Life is too important to be taken seriously.'
And I think, wow, 2 people, hundreds of years apart, tho
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Sunshine by LeeGaaFangirl Sunshine :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 0 0 Karma Charmeleon by LeeGaaFangirl Karma Charmeleon :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 2 0 Goodmorning, Spring by LeeGaaFangirl Goodmorning, Spring :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 5 0 Feather by LeeGaaFangirl Feather :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 1 2 What are you looking At?? by LeeGaaFangirl What are you looking At?? :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 1 0
Situations 4
I'm the weirdest, happiest girl in the entire world. I never feel like I'm ON Earth. I know I'm here but it hits me every once in a while. I do as I please but I don't realize I'm here. I feel like I'm a ghost looking in on my life and seeing and doing everything I do. I don't feel real.
My mind is always else where. Either in the world I've read about in some book or my own lil world. Life is good there. It's the same as out here btu I don't have to stress about anything. That is, until something hits me. It's like brick times a million. Something bad happens and I can only get over it by being in my world, where it's fine. Where the dead still live and the gone still love.
I draw my world and people wonder but I don't care.
I am Abernathy.
I'm the girl who couldn't fall in love. I couldn't get close to someone due to the fear of being hurt. I could be happy with someone, but then I feel like they're leaving when they
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Smile for the Camera by LeeGaaFangirl Smile for the Camera :iconleegaafangirl:LeeGaaFangirl 3 2

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Abernathy Beck Cobain
United States
I live in New Fucking Jersey!! w00t!
I play guitar, bass guitar, drums, harmonica, and the kazoo. =P

That's it. :/ Go look at my gallery!!

♥♥♥R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
♥♥♥R.I.P. Freddie Mercury
♥♥♥R.I.P. Jimi Hendrix
♥♥♥R.I.P. John Lennon
♥♥♥R.I.P. Jim Morrison
♥♥♥R.I.P. George Harrison
♥♥♥R.I.P. Buddy Holly
♥♥♥R.I.P. Randy Rhoads
♥♥♥R.I.P. Joey Ramone
♥♥♥R.I.P. Michael Jackson
♥♥♥R.I.P. The Rev
♥♥♥R.I.P. Les Paul
♥♥♥Ryan Dunn

Current Residence: New f*cking Jersey
Favourite genre of music: rock/sub genres
Shell of choice: seashell
Favourite cartoon character: Finn and Jake <3
Personal Quote: 'Everything gets better in the end. If it's not better, it's not the end.' -John
Just got a kik!! Add me guys!!!!
adry1412 !!!!!!


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